The iThrive Natural Weight Loss Program addresses the root issues preventing you from achieving weight loss: Hormonal Imbalances, Digestive Issues, Food Sensitivities, Toxicity, & Inflammation. Unburden your body, learn how to fuel it properly, & regain your vitality & vibrance for life!


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Shannon is a certified Nutritional Therapy Practitioner and Restorative Wellness Practitioner, where nutrition is not a band aid approach, but it addresses the underlying root issues. With 15 years of research in nutrition, vitality products, and preventative health, she’s formed iThrive to empower clients to achieve a thriving life.

Shannon’s Nutritional Therapy background utilizes nutrition foundations to guide every client towards optimal health and vitality through natural weight loss, while also empowering them with weight loss resources and tools for years to come as they navigate a journey of vitality.

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"My sleep has improved so much, I don't ever remember when I've slept this good! I'm SO impressed that this would ever change, besides losing weight I've never been able to after countless attempts over the years!"



"I eat healthy regularly, yet with my changing hormones in my 50s and increasing stress levels at work, I hit my highest weight ever. I was desperate for anything when a friend told me about iThrive. Even though I thought I was doing everything the program consisted of, I decided to try it. I lost 21 pounds in 40 days, directly in the midsection where I couldn't keep it off! Plus, the achy, stiffness in my knees and joints is gone! I've literally had a complete stranger approach me and tell me she noticed I take care of myself as I look very healthy and fit!"



This is NOT Your Average
Calorie Counting Weight Loss Program

The iThrive Weight Loss Program is an exercise-FREE program, empowering your body into a fat-burning state to use stored adipose tissue as an energy source.  This is a 64-Day renewal for your body as you fuel your body with nutrient dense real foods and nutraceutical supplements for effective, yet natural, weight loss.  Annihilate cravings that sabotage your weight loss efforts.  Retrain your mind and taste buds with simple and delicious recipes.

The iThrive Program is Coach-Guided with phone, email, and text support daily to meet your weight loss goals.  This proven weight loss program ensures you achieve weight loss results.

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