Chances are you’re on a quest for something NEW for YOU. If you’ve arrived on this page, you’re in good company. We only want what’s BEST for you- for your body, for your health, for you to THRIVE!

iThrive is a proven natural weight loss program that addresses the root issues inhibiting your body from losing weight, including inflammation, digestive problems, food sensitivities, and hormonal imbalances. Supporting your body as a whole with potent supplements, nutrient-dense meals, and one-on-one support throughout the entire natural weight loss program, you’ll achieve a restart in life. Are you ready to press the RESET button and revitalize your body to feel years younger, and pounds lighter with natural weight loss?

iThrive’s focus is to empower you from the place you’re at now, into a place of vitality and abundant energy in everyday life. You were not created to just survive (and manage health issues)… but toTHRIVE!


~ 5 Doctor Formulated Nutraceuticals for Optimal Absorption & Utilization
~ 20-40 Pounds of Average Weight Loss*, not guaranteed as results vary
~ 64-day Program that is Coach Guided by a Nutritional Therapist
~ Daily Encouragement Emails & Texts 
~ 4 One-on-One Coaching Calls
~ Digital Cutting Edge Scale + Smartphone App
~ 3 Nutrient-Dense Powder Supplements
~ iThrive Journal with Step-by-Step Guidance
~ Microbiome Test Kit & Lab Assessment for Maintainable Results
~ Food Sensitivity List of 30 Foods & Your Body’s Response

iThrive offers a Natural Weight Loss program focused on addressing root issues inhibiting individuals from losing weight. As we address hormonal imbalances, digestive issues, candida overgrowth, toxicity, inflammation, and food sensitivities, we nourish the body with powerful nutrients to empower it to heal and restore itself with the natural side effect of a body functioning optimally to lose weight easily.

This is an education-based natural weight loss program that not only is focused on the transformational results during the program, but for maintainable weight loss results, tools, and guidance on making this a lifestyle transition.

Clients are losing on average 20-40 pounds and addressing the specific areas their body needs. iThrive focuses on the bioindividual and supporting each individual with what their body needs, as the natural weight loss program is tailored throughout Coaching Calls with a Nutritional Therapist to empower you towards your best weight loss results. iThrive also offers a Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis providing a “window into the cells” of precise mineral levels, heavy metal toxicity, stress level concerns, adrenal functionality, protein synthesis, and guidance to correct these imbalances. An optional component is a Microbiome Test that analyzes your personal microbiome levels, with precise recommendations to rebalance for optimal health and moods.

iThrive is focused on empowering individuals to regain their vitality to no longer just survive… but to THRIVE!

iThrive consists of Nutrition Consultants who are focused on you achieving your BEST natural weight loss results, based on what YOUR body needs. Not only do we focus on improving health and educating you on nutrition, but we also empower you towards your weight loss goals.


Natural Weight Loss Program:

iThrive's natural weight loss program focuses on retraining your body to lose weight through discovering and reprogramming the issues that are inhibiting your body from losing weight. Some of these weight loss inhibitors include inflammation, digestive problems, food sensitivities, and hormonal imbalances.

Our nutritional therapists focus on your body as a whole, using potent supplements, nutrient-dense meals, food sensitivity lab test results, and one-on-one coaching that will provide support, encouragement, and accountability. With our natural weight loss program, you will feel years younger, be pounds lighter, and feel like you can conquer the world. Are you ready to begin?

One of the following services are included with the iThrive Natural Weight Loss Program to equip you with resources to maintain your weight loss results and continue all your progress for years to come:

Hair Mineral Tissue Analysis:

This comprehensive lab test provides precise information concerning your body’s mineral levels, oxidative rate, metabolic rate, protein synthesis, the presence of heavy metals, stress level, and more. This “window into your cells” provides clarity with precise supplementation recommendations to ensure your mineral levels are balanced, heavy metals are flushed out, and your body is supported. Minerals are the cellular building blocks of the body, making them a crucial component for your hormonal health, endurance, stress management, and vitality.

Microbiome Lab Analysis:

Assess your gut microbes to find any imbalances, foods causing inflammation, and precise recommendations for probiotics and supplements to bring internal balance. No more stabs in the dark when choosing a probiotic, no more foods causing inflammation, sabotaging your healthy weight, or causing bloating and gas. This is a powerful assessment of what’s going on in your digestive tract, with applicable recommendations at your fingertips (literally an app on your phone!) to make maintaining your natural weight loss results even more powerful!

Food Sensitivity Lab Test:

A dry blood analysis of 132 foods and seasonings and your body’s inflammatory response to these foods. This enables you to precisely identify what foods are harming your body so that you can avoid them as you continue healing your body. A tailored meal plan is also provided based on your results.


Shannon is a certified nutritional therapy practitioner and a restorative wellness practitioner with 15 years of experience in helping others lead their best lives possible. She approaches nutrition as a tool you use to keep you healthy and at a natural weight for life. Our nutritional therapist will look at the underlying root cause of your weight loss prevention in order to make life-long changes that will impact your health and wellness. iThrive was formed to empower clients to achieve the life of their dreams through our preventative health program and vitality products. However, we are not content with you just living; our goal is for you to thrive!

Shannon’s background in Nutritional Therapy is based on the foundational research of Dr. Weston A. Price and Dr. Francis Pottenger based on studies of our ancestor’s diets and their corresponding health that endured so much.

Our natural weight loss program and products are meant to lead you into optimal health and vitality. Through nutrition foundations along with weight loss resources and tools, you will thrive.

Her passion of pursuing nutrition that addresses the root cause of health conditions began with her own journey of health issues (acne, imbalanced hormones, and a stressed fracture) during high school and into her 30’s. Preventative nutrition empowers the body to address the imbalances before they evolve into larger health issues if ignored. She believes every person can achieve a thriving life of vitality and optimal health.