Thrive: to prosper, be fortunate, or successful. To grow or develop vigorously; flourish.

Sometimes the simplest question can unlock our minds from the daily grind to focus on what life has been lately, and where your heart really is in the midst of it all. Can you stop for a moment and assess if you’re thriving in all aspects of your life?

If not, why?

Perhaps you’re obsessing over a certain area of your life: work, play, stress, family, finances, etc. Maybe you’re giving it your all and just not feeling like it’s making a difference, like drowning in a sea of overwhelming on every side.

Truth is: you’re blessed right where you’re at. Sometimes it’s those simple reminders when I’m throwing myself a pity-party of “life sucks and it’ll never change!” Then I start reminding myself- my house I rent hasn’t flooded, it’s not lit on fire, and I’m not having to flee for my life from hurricanes, mud slides, or famine. All of a sudden, I’m REAL thankful for all that I have and begin to appreciate the beauty in the small things in all areas of my life. This is when I begin to thrive as I’m focusing on the good, the special, the unique things that brighten my day.

So here it is- here’s your chance to transform your life by renewing your mind.

YOU are an irreplaceable voice, heartbeat, and smile this world needs to hear from. YOU are more than your mind let’s you believe you are. YOU are more than the doubts that try to bring you down everyday. YOU ARE A FIGHTER… & YOU ARE WORTH THE FIGHT!