Life is moving fast and you’re giving it your all! Do you find yourself having emotional bursts: anger, tears, rage, etc. from a small disruption in your day? Do you just feel wound tight with stress pushing in on you from every angle?

These are not normal feelings, nor should anyone have to live life like this. When a small disruption becomes a huge obstacle derailing you from your tasks, this is when your body is not letting go of stress, but holding onto it. Which only then sucks the remaining energy, life, and joy from the little that was remains. If you can completely relate to this, let me tell you this is not where you have to stay! I experienced all of this as well, but this is when I discovered ashwagandha. This is an adaptogenic herb, which means it supports your body to manage stress better. I LOVE the potency, yet gentleness of ashwagandha, I felt more joy and back to myself by day 3 of taking it! With it being an herb it’s easy to think it’s isn’t as effective as medication. Wrong! Check out this PubMed clinical study of the impacts of ashwagandha.  When ashwagandha is taken for 20 consecutive days it has an anti-depressant and anti-anxiety impact, as well as reducing your stress and cortisol levels, and nourishing your thyroid.  This in turn, helps alleviate the burden on your thyroid, which empowers your body to function at your best level!  Click on the image for the ashwagandha I love from Pure Encapsulations.

With less stress your body begins to unburden to focus on better things like increased energy, better digestion, and better functionality as a whole.  Cheers to managing stress and feeling your best!