What if Keto or Paleo Are NOT working for me?

This is a great question! These emerging diets, which are based on getting your body into a state of Ketosis (fat-burning) or returning to the hunter-gatherer dishes, both are amazing diets. These are great diets to follow as they eliminate processed foods, sugar, grains, and focus on high protein and vegetables. When these are not working for you, it comes down to a digestive, hormone, or toxic issue in your body, or even all three together. When your body is not able to adapt to something that seems to be working for everyone else, this is an indicator that your body needs special attention for something going on under the surface.
This is exactly what the iThrive Program focuses on: the Root Issues preventing your body functioning at its best. These root issues include hormone imbalances, digestive issues, food sensitivities, toxicity, inflammation, and dehydration. The iThrive Program focuses on unburdening your body with nutraceuticals and nutrient-dense powder supplements to reset your body, mind, and soul at your highest level of vitality! You learn how to engage with your body, listen to the signals it’s sending you, relieve it of extra stress from processed foods, all while fueling it with the nutrients it craves.

Your body is a powerful machine and it will begin to restore its proper functionality of being able to lose weight, and keep it off. All that you’ve been trying will begin to affect your body with more potency: the Keto or Paleo diet, exercise, etc. because the underlying issues were relieved.

We weren’t created just to survive… but to THRIVE!