iThrive Life Testimonials

Clients Have Lost 20-40* Pounds in 40 Days!


"I've had ongoing yeast infections for 3 years, with my physician’s only guidance was a prescription that would work for maybe a week, but the infection would reappear again. I thought this was something I'd have to live with for the rest of my life. By Day-10 in my program I noticed all discomfort and irritations were completely gone. I kept waiting for them to come back, especially after the program, but they haven't! Not only have I lost more weight than I thought this program could do, but the horrible yeast infections are completely gone!!! This program has given me my life back!"



"My sleep has improved so much, I don't ever remember when I've slept this good! I'm SO impressed that this would ever change, besides losing weight I’ve never been able to after countless attempts over the years!"



"I eat healthy regularly, yet with my changing hormones in my 50's and increasing stress levels at work, I hit my highest weight ever. I was desperate for anything when a friend told me about iThrive. Even though I thought I was doing everything the program consisted of, I decided to try it. I lost 21 pounds in 40 days, directly in the midsection where I couldn't keep it off! Plus, the achy, stiffness in my knees and joints is gone! I've literally had a complete stranger approach me and tell me she noticed I take care of myself as I look very healthy and fit!"



"I was drinking 7 Diet Mountain Dews as my vice daily, but was miserable where I was at. Deciding to commit to the program was the first step in taking back my life, as I knew I was going to quit the vice cold turkey. I didn't even tell my Coach until after I'd gone through all the withdrawals, but this is what I needed to prove to myself I can do this- and I'm SO thankful for how I've taken my life back through this program! I tried Diet Mountain Dew after completing the program and it doesn't even taste good anymore- it will never go into my body again! I've lost 28 pounds over the 40 days, quit my vice, and have more mental clarity and energy now than any soda can give me!"



"I lost 26 pounds in 40 days! What's even more impressive is the daily indigestion I was experiencing every time I bent over (tying my shoes, picking something up, etc.), as well as eczema from over a year ago that the dermatologist gave me a cream for- both are completely gone! These are things I thought would just have to be managed the rest of my life, but after the 40 days these are GONE! I feel younger, sleep better, have more mental clarity, and have results I never imagined were possible!"



"I was very skeptical about the iThrive Program altogether, but was at my wit's end and no longer fit into any of my pants, except leggings. This has transformed my life from relearning what to eat to fuel my body, as well as the hair analysis, which has turned out to be pivotal in regaining my energy and vitality. This component alone was well worth the program price, and family and friends comment on my energy and positive change in personality still. I cannot thank you enough!"



"I had my doubts with this program, but this was my last-ditch effort in hoping to find something that would provide results after trying Weight Watchers and 3 other programs, only to realize these were sustainable only by paying them $1,000’s to maintain. I flounder after completing a program, only to resume my normal eating habits. With iThrive's program I was given tools during the program, learning how to apply these to my busy life and schedule, and even how to maintain the results long after, even if I have a bad week. I finally know how to eat what's right for my body to function at its best. I definitely received more from this program than I ever thought it would provide!"



"I did the iThrive Program for the detoxification component and have seen dramatic results in improvements in my mood, sleep, energy, digestion, and skin. I didn't think a short program could change so much, but I'm very thankful for this and look forward to using all the resources provided moving forward (the recipes, book references, inspirational motivation, wellness facts, and hair lab assessment)."